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A Dragon's Tale

  Once upon a long ago
A dragon came puffing through the snow,
Blowing steam and lots of smoke
And frightening all the country folk.
But a little mouse was not impressed
Drew in deep breath, then puffed his chest
Said, "Oi! Get away from here."
Then dragon shed a great big tear.

Down his nose the river ran
Then the other eye began.
Both joined to form a salty trickle
And on his chin a silver icicle.
Said Mouse, "Come on Drag, things aren't that bad,
Just tell me why you feel so sad."
"Oh! Mouse", he sighed and then he coughed,
"I'm afraid I've got a little lost.

I've come from China and have to find
An old and venerable relation of mine
For a nasty Knight tried to do him in
'Tis my dear Uncle, Daffyd Brin.
That bad St. George has hurt him sorely
And left him feeling very poorly.
With me now I have this letter
From Emperor Han to wish him better."

Said Mouse "You are very lost indeed
I think it is a map you need,
Some shelter though 'ere we loose the light
For its promised snow again tonight."
Then in the morn they went round calling
On Mrs Clause, who said, "Old Santa's snoring
But Rudolph will be pleased I'm sure
To help you out before the thaw."

After breakfast and, "No more buts!"
They stoked dragon up with boiler nuts
Then loaded up the sleigh with rugs
To keep them all as warm as bugs
So off to Wales our heroes swept
To a disused mine where Daffyd slept.
Deep within that darkest underground
Lay Daffyd sleeping soft and sound.

Rudolph rubbed him with his nose
Mouse massaged his scaly toes,
Then Dragon asked, "Are you in pain?
We really thought you had been slain!"
"Oh! Assure Han Yu I am all right
For I've found a new seam of anthracite.
Next time that Georgy comes here boasting
At Cardiff Arms he'll get a roasting."
So if you ever chance suffice

To go up to the The Land Of Ice
You'll see the ground begin to rumble
And boiling geysers start to grumble
With here and there some fumaroles
And molten rock in deep black holes.
Don't be afraid, the world's not ending
An SOS don't be sending
It's just Mouse and Dragon being hearty
At Santa Clause's New Year party.


Dec 2000