Riddle me re, riddle me dee
Riddle the salt of the great wide sea
Riddle of hope in an open boat
A sieve will never keep us afloat
Sands of time are all shot through
There's sharks a-swimming in acres of blue
Talk of merehens and geese hatching ducks
Talk to the Devil for a million bucks
Talk of pixies and elves or hobgoblins
Silver or gold at the wake of the dolphins
Steal the dreams of a fractured man
So take to Devil, and take all you can
Leave my bleached bones in raggledy heap
No need for earth, no need to weep
No need for lead, no need for a lid
No need to mourn for the thing that I did
Don't justify, don't carp or condone
Just hear the echo, “Please leave me alone”.

 Frog 2001