No Flowers Please (alternative title)

H is destroying someone I love.
Powerless I've watched the poison
Overtake her fragile beauty,
Invading her niceness.
The poppy is also beautiful,
A weed that grows on stony ground
Spreading opiate mysteries
Seeds of despair and misery

I have left my porcelain china doll
And my heart is aching
Knowing she will be broken
By the harvest of dreams.
She will die the living death
Host to a thousand nightmares
Eyes rolled white-out
Smashed to milligram pieces.

No longer can I lift
The defecating stink.
No tears are left to wash
Her trembling body vomit-clean,
No kiss to soothe the clammy forehead
No brush for the tangled matted hair.
Her own victim, not mine
H has won and I have gone.

 Frog 1999