Jo's a bad mother I heard them say.
She left her baby and went away
She went away to work they cried
Jo's a bad mother I heard them say,
They lied.

But Jo doesn't have a band of gold
And comes and goes all hours I'm told.
In the morning what a sight,
Jeez! She'd put the cat to fright.
They bitch and bite.

You work long hours a-waitressing table,
For pittance money so's your able
To provide for babby's care.
I see your heart's love cradle,
Let them stare.

Little dawn tossed rest
Girney teethes and frets
As you ready to go out
Then wets
While they spout.

Placed in others arms you part
And peggy smile breaks your heart.
Points and says “Mmm ma”.
Your Princess; tears start
Could they love so far?

The nightly grind wears you down
'Till you come home and collect your bairn.
Exhausted, you start to wash and sweep
At two or three in the morn'
When they sleep.

Somewhere in between you make the time
For quiet songs and gentle rhyme
And love gets you by another day
While they moo and whine.
I don't care what they say

I know the way your life has panned,
Rejected by cruel lover's hand.
I am proud to know a gem
And cherish you dear friend,
Not them.

 Frog 1999