The Mermaid

Of all the fishes in the sea
The Mermaid is the one for me
Hair of gold
Eyes emerald
And lips of precious ruby

With teeth of whitest coral
And skin of priceless opal
Cheeks pink topaz
To set it off has
A diamond in each ear'ole

So as I walk upon the sand
And watch her waving with her hand
I often wish
I were a fish
Swimming far out from land

Sailors say she is a stoater
But, Oh! Her temper, what a shocker
A ship she'll sink
Without a blink
And send each man to Davey's Locker

Then again I think, “Oh well!”
I won't be bones in a salty cell
To kiss those lips
I'd end as chips
For a very fishy gel!

 Frog 2001