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Penny Thoughts

        "A few thoughts and wishes for you my dear!

        What I am about to say may sound like a prediction. I can't read the future, wouldn't want to if I could and wouldn't tell if I did. I am a piece sayer, not a soothesayer and it is not my place to read the runes. So what I am I wittering about now? Be quiet, sit comfortably by the fire, look into the flames and I will begin for I am not yet quite at my dotage.

        To add colour to the fire, first cast a penny for green and blue, then add a pinch of salt for yellow. You have now given red Fire the colours green for Water, blue for Air and harvest gold for Earth. Stir the log my dear and as the sparks ascend to the stars let your concerns follow them.

        My dearest wish for you is that you become at one with your inner self. There after you will be able to see your path much more clearly. When you are settled you will find a deep and true love both physical and spiritual. It is a tremendous challenge and commitment but you have the capacity not only to give that love but receive it also although you may not believe it at the moment. From that joining of two souls intertwining as one you will have two daughters.

        Your first child, Willow, will be tall and fair, a child of the Air and Earth. She will have great sensitivity but with you and your chosen she will grow in strength and be very artistic. Like the willow also she will always have a deep affinity for Water, rivers, lakes and the sea. She will be born in the early spring, the time of catkins and crocus.

        Your second, Imagen, will be not be as tall but will be beautiful with dark chestnut hair. Her tendency will be toward the Sciences, provinces that only men think they can understand. A child of Fire and Water; one warming, the other cooling her changeable nature. She will be drawn to open spaces, mountains, deserts and wide plains. The Earth. Her time will be when the oak sheds its leaves.

        The one you chose for this greatest of all loves will have to be strong of will and even temperament. Of the Earth for you are of the Air and need solid firmament beneath you.

        One who would have you will say he loves you. He is youthful, pretty but not constant. He would steal your heart and give great passion but much pain also. He is week of mind and substance, a froth of rainbow bubbles. A little vinagar and the froth will clear to show the shallow murky water. Resolve to be strong. The other is at a time and place removed and there will be much searching of both your hearts and some sorrow before this great joy. I cannot tell you who he is but he does know you although you do not know him.

        Shush! Do not speak child, or the spell will be broken.

        You will know him when you know him. That is, when he lets you into his heart. He loves you well enough now but would not be so bold as to declare it. You will recognise him but it will be six seasons hence for you are just come nineteen. 'Till that time practice your art, dance and needle, flirt and be gay but be gentle, prudent and kind for there is someone else who also reads penny thoughts. Maid will add to her own trousseau in the morning for I will tell her to be watchful when she does the ashes!”

 Frog. 2002