Personal, Box ---

  Tucked beside the
"Car boot sales"
I saw your ad.
In the "Personals"
So I jotted a note
About what makes me tick
(I had to go out
And had to be quick)

Now it's my turn to ask
A little of you;
First, what is your name?
Please give me a clue.
Then, are you well,
Have you had a good week?
Is Christmas shopping
Sore on your feet?

Have you dozens of children,
Do you live on your own?
Do you prefer letters
Or using the phone?
Do you read your junk mail
Before it goes in the bin?
If you see a big puddle -
Do you want to jump in?

Does the sight of a rainbow
Move you to cry?
Do you smile at a child
As it points to the sky?
Do you build snowmen
In white Winter's storm
Then take a wineglass
To keep yourself warm?

Do you like a dance
And a bit of a laugh?
Do you like your back rubbed
When taking a bath?
Do you sit on a beach
For hours on end,
Do you go bright red
Or do you get tanned?

Do you like a good read
In the cool of the shade
With a cup of iced tea
Or cold lemonade?
Do you like hard apples,
All crunchy and green
Or sumptuous peaches
With soft furry skin?

So many questions
To ask if we meet
'Cos all I know now
Is that you're, "Petite".


Frog. 1998