To M...

Are we as moths, impassioned by a candle dancing
Ever nearer the fatal light of love approaching?
There, in the sweetest embracing thrall
Will we fall, singed and blackened,
Twitching in the running wax?

Do we both tremble by that searing heat
So much that we deny ourselves
And wing away empty, soul-dead and alone?
Why then does my body ache for thee
If my heart is not thine also?

Doubt not my darling that I adore you!
Beneath the moon's mocking silvered shadows
I have cried your name into the lonely nights.
Wondering, have you ever whispered mine
Into the cold greying dawn?

Now I know, 'tis not you I fear but me
For your soft, warm kiss has betrayed your heart.
But, will my soul glow in your own dear love,
Or, chased away, will the door swift close
And steel cold draught damp the guttering flame?

I will love you for an instant,
A moment from afar,
A day, or, forever - time stopped.
I cannot deny I love you now. Without caution!
Wanting nothing save to tell you.

 Frog 1998