A creepy crawly came into my tent
I wonder where it went
Is it in my tea?
Is it in my soup?
Is lurking in the corner of my welly boot?
Is it hiding under my pillow
Shivering with fright?
Will it come out and bite me
In the middle of the night?

Is it gnawing on a peg
Is it abseiling from a pole
Is it somewhere underground
Living in a hole
Is it bright and shiny
Black and hard
Is it vermilion slimy slithers
With coils by the yard

Is it all legs?
Has it no body at all?
Is it armour plated
And rolled up in a ball?
I see it now!
It don't mean no harm
It's just come out to welcome me
To its home down on the farm.


Frog. 1998