. .  

Yes !

I met Holly in a crowded place of strangers but would know her across all the years and the supermarket aisles of any town. There, beneath an aura of chestnut hair, her smile flashed white fire and her beautiful brown come-here eyes enfolded me. Instantly I was love-putty in her arms. Our silent bodies spoke soft kissed caresses, knowing, yet not daring. We broke our bond and talked freely of times and friends. She had divorced and made a successful career in commercial design, I, losing my wife in an accident, and still in engineering. Embracing again before we parted I impulsively gave her my number as a veil welled and ice returned to mend my broken heart. After twenty odd years I still wanted her.
Some weeks passed and returning home after a business trip I found her message on the answering machine, an invitation to her daughter's graduation party that weekend. It was Friday, and me still jet-lagged. Without hesitation I returned her call to say, "Yes." Holly, ever thoughtful offered me the use of the attic room to stop over.

I drove across the hot Chilterns the following day and the slow miles hummed by. Mahler's Fifth Symphony played on the radio. I had played the Adagio to her that first night we made love and a warming glow filled me, drawing me on, the directions clear, simple and easily followed.
I arrived together with a minibus and young laughing faces tumbled out. Holly and Tandice quickly introduced everyone then waved us through to the large rear garden where a disco was starting to fire up. Some of the boys headed straight for the wood chip barbeque. I settled for the rugby scrum and a pint of draught ale.

The party was noisily happy and some old friends I knew were there in a quieter corner of the garden taking refuge from the milling revellers. Sudenly, in a gentle break from the rave music a stunning girlfriend of Tandice flopped tipsily beside me, kissed my cheek and asked me to dance. Moving through the crowd, we were swept along by the easy music and the warm humid summer air rich with perfume from an old honeysuckle and the lingering smoke. I caught a glimpse of Holly watching us, arm in arm with Tandice, two heads of dark red hair shimmering in the lowering sunlight.

We stopped dancing and strolled over, my head pounding. Holly threw her arms wide to greet me again and Tandice squealed with delight as her friend shared some common unknown jargon and gossip. I stepped back and held Holly's hands at arm's length, looking deep into her eyes as she returned my love. Tandice turned, gave me an old fashioned knowing look of inquisition that made me feel six years old and for the first time in forty years I was shying into my own young mother's face. That look could only have come through her!
Holly's daughter was mine.
Tandice was our child!
As I caught my senses she turned the same expression to her mother and tears cascaded down Holly's cheeks. I could do nothing but hold them both; shaking.
Tandice withdrew and said softly, "Sue, meet my dad".

Breathlessly, Holly could only say, "Yes!"